Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Wedding Day

Well the wedding day came and the dragon was not quite as finished as I wanted it to be but I was still able to use it, If i had of given myself some more time I would have put a lot more detail on the face and also put some scales on the body.

As I am away at the moment a quick update with a picture of how the dragon looked on the day with the table plan list in hand.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Day 8

Day 8 (Day 7 Part 2 didnt happen as it wasn't ready)

Cloth Mache Wings Drying

Trimmed but got to do the feet and head yet :)

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Day 7

Day 7 (maybe part 1)

So thanks to work for letting me not only finish work 1 hour early but by letting me have a bag of shreddings :)

All out ready to be put together

Start of the base

Base ready to mache! :) had to use parcel tape as masking tape was running out fast

1 Foot

2 Feet and 2 Arms

Wings Rawr!!

Day 6

Day 6 (1st June)

Its been over 2 weeks now since I did anything with the dragon, I just was not happy with the way it was looking.

However after seeing it was 4 more days untill the wedding I needed to do something so tonight I have spent about 5 hours trying to get things ready to have a finished ready to paint Dragon by Thursday (2Days)

So first was to cut off a lump just above the tail to soften out the shape of the dragon, as it just looked like it had a fat ass.

Then was the task to create a mouth (this was not easy but I'm semi happy with it)

You can see its now a flat line from tail to back, Lump removed.

The head sort of done

2 Claws ready to mache but they are huge! and I mean HUGE!!

Since dragon is going to hold a list I gave edge burning of paper a try to get a nice effect

Arms drying

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Day 5

After getting home from work I get stuck into sorting out what to do with the wings.

I cut the power cable I stripped Yesterday into lengths

I set out the layout I would like the wing in but it's just to bare
4th Wing finger just looks and feels right to me

Both Wings done time to make a head

Mached the head, created a spare to cut if 1st goes wrong and moulded a nose(on the left)

How the hed will sit but thats not how its going to look finished.
After doing the wings a 1hour nap was in order :)

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Day 4 cont..

So tonight we had to go shopping for our weekly shop so mache time was going to be limited.
I decided I would stick the legs and the tail to the body with masking tape then mache over to create a stronger bond.
So after I applied mache to the body over the masking tape i started to prep some of the power cable ready to create the wings, claws, head and back spikes
Left to Right Power cable, Plastic casing ripped off, 3 inner cores, 1blue 1 brown and 1 bare copper.
Since I can't find any metal style clothes hangers I will have to make do with these.
2 Wing sections ready.
Had a quick read through a few pages of the book I got today 'Papier-Mache Monsters'
I have to say I really like the way it is written, very easy to follow instructions and quite a lot of humour which makes for a great read. Anyone wishing to get started I recommend buying this book
Links to amazon UK and USA
I think tomorrow will be more wing prep and a start on the ball for the head.
While out shopping I got some cheap bed sheets ready for the Dan Reeder's Cloth Mache technique.

Day 4 Book is here

Book has arrived :)

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Day 3

So the body has dried out but i really need to get the tail and the legs ready so when the book comes I can make a start on the wings. I think I have a good idea of what to do with the wings but I would like to double check.

Started the night by bending some power cable I got from the office refit (thank you work :) )

I bent them in a sort of z shape and wrapped them in crumpled paper

Then came the mache of the tail and legs

Birth of a dragon Day 1 & 2

So I'm creating a Dragon table plan holder for my wedding in just under 3 weeks.

Day 1 (monday) I had

Day 2 (tuesday) and the ball from day 1 is dry so after a trip to the gym I go and buy some cheap flower to try the flower paste

Here is what was next

After adding mache to the neck I attached the body to the neck and added more mache

Left to dry, I created the start of the tail. Going to do mache that and do the legs later tonight (wed)

Big thanks to Dan 'the monster man' who can be found at http://www.gourmetpapermache.com/

I have purchased his book Papier Mache Monsters from Amazon but is still has not arrived. I'm leaving the wings until it comes as dan says there is a good section in the book that would help.