Thursday, 20 May 2010

Day 4 cont..

So tonight we had to go shopping for our weekly shop so mache time was going to be limited.
I decided I would stick the legs and the tail to the body with masking tape then mache over to create a stronger bond.
So after I applied mache to the body over the masking tape i started to prep some of the power cable ready to create the wings, claws, head and back spikes
Left to Right Power cable, Plastic casing ripped off, 3 inner cores, 1blue 1 brown and 1 bare copper.
Since I can't find any metal style clothes hangers I will have to make do with these.
2 Wing sections ready.
Had a quick read through a few pages of the book I got today 'Papier-Mache Monsters'
I have to say I really like the way it is written, very easy to follow instructions and quite a lot of humour which makes for a great read. Anyone wishing to get started I recommend buying this book
Links to amazon UK and USA
I think tomorrow will be more wing prep and a start on the ball for the head.
While out shopping I got some cheap bed sheets ready for the Dan Reeder's Cloth Mache technique.

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