Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Day 6

Day 6 (1st June)

Its been over 2 weeks now since I did anything with the dragon, I just was not happy with the way it was looking.

However after seeing it was 4 more days untill the wedding I needed to do something so tonight I have spent about 5 hours trying to get things ready to have a finished ready to paint Dragon by Thursday (2Days)

So first was to cut off a lump just above the tail to soften out the shape of the dragon, as it just looked like it had a fat ass.

Then was the task to create a mouth (this was not easy but I'm semi happy with it)

You can see its now a flat line from tail to back, Lump removed.

The head sort of done

2 Claws ready to mache but they are huge! and I mean HUGE!!

Since dragon is going to hold a list I gave edge burning of paper a try to get a nice effect

Arms drying

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